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On 1st July 2016, Ultimate Tax & Advisory (Ultimate) was born. It started out as an idea between now husband and wife Bobby & Krystal Serval.

Both of us coming from an accounting background and a love for small business, we wanted to create and grow something of our own and help other business owners to do the same, but we didn’t want to do it the same as all the other accounting firms out there, we wanted to offer a fresh, young and holistic approach and be able to help business owners in all aspects of running their business not just the tax consequences.

By applying these methods to our own business, we were able to grow by over 400% within our first 18 months and continue a steady growth from that point onwards.

The team and network we surround ourselves with are all on the same journey as ourselves and we feel this is a very important part of success.

our story

Bobby Serval

Prior to Ultimate, Bobby had been working in the accounting industry for 10+ years, starting out as a graduate accountant straight from university and working up to a senior management role in a small tax firm where the next step was to become a partner.

Working in a small firm was a great opportunity as you do get thrown in the deep end and work with a large variety of situations for individual tax payers and small business owners.

However, Bobby felt this wasn’t his true calling and in order to progress in his career he needed to move to a larger firm, which is exactly what he did. He started working at a larger firm and gained a lot more knowledge of working with larger and more complicated businesses. When made redundant from this firm, he left feeling confident that he now had the experience and knowledge of working with quite a variety of different business types and owners that he would be able to excel at starting his own firm.

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Krystal Serval

Krystal’s story is a little different, she ‘fell’ into the accounting industry so to speak. Not long after high school, Krystal was hired as a receptionist at a small accounting firm. This is actually how Krystal and Bobby met.

Krystal’s role quickly progressed within the firm and before long she was doing the dual role of a practice manager and accountant. Krystal also completed her Diploma of Accounting during this time. Krystal had learnt different skills to Bobby throughout this time, however the two of them together made the perfect team to start their own successful business.

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“For a long time, I've been upset with traditional accountants and their lack of care to go deeper into the understandings of the business owner clients they had to help them grow and to not solely look at their 'tax position'.
Upon speaking with many of our clients, my instincts were right. Each person I asked have told me that they weren't finding any value from their previous accountant as they simply couldn't or wouldn't help them.”

Bobby Serval: Managing Director & Profit Strategy Specialist

T:   08 6144 3370 
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